Brazil's national bird - the Sabiá.
The fictional town of Penedo, patterned after another river port farther north, but placed on the site of Maraú on the Cocoa Coast of Bahia state.
St. Andrew's School in Delaware.
Annapolis on the Chesapeake; Papa's 6-Meter; the Naval Academy yawls.
Rio de Janeiro - a city of breathtaking vistas, soothing music, and intoxicating pleasures.
Rio's São Conrado neighborhood and Cucumber Beach.
Prainha Cove, west along the coast, and site of the Oasis Bar Mitzvah cantina (at the far end).
A hang glider just airborne off the launch ramp above São Conrado and Pepino Beach.
Favela do Vidigal slum clinging to the steep granite above the Sheraton Hotel at beach level.
View of Leblon and Ipanema Beach from a rooftop in Favela do Vidigal.
Trancoso, the remote beach town popular with Anderson Cooper in more recent years, and site of the Refuge of the Moonstruck Priest resort, built by Pé's childhood friend and his partner.

The campus and rowing water at Kent School - in the far upper northwest corner of Connecticut.